Our long-term

Investment strategy

By investing in the real estate market, primarily in the Czech Republic, we target above-standard appreciation of invested funds. Within five years, an investor can achieve up to 45% appreciation of the share they invest in InveStone Funds SICAV a.s. The fund invests in residential and commercial real estate at various stages of development, as well as in already-completed projects. It develops rental housing projects, which it then sells to specialized investors upon completion. It also purchases residential properties in early stages of construction, and occasionally invests in future projects that require changes to zoning plans.

The fund’s investments may additionally focus on projects in selected European Union countries. For those who, for whatever reason, need access to their funds before reaching the optimal five-year investment horizon, the fund allows their shares to be transferred to another individual or, where appropriate, the conditional redemption of those shares. For investors who plan to invest more significant deposits into a residential development, the fund offers the possibility to purchase apartments once they are completed at pre-sale, i.e. well before they are introduced to the retail market.


60% Appreciation

Targeted appreciation after 5 years

Diverse Projects

In residential and commercial properties

TIP: Are you weighing up investing in an apartment directly vs. through an investment fund?

The estimated return is subject to investment risk. Although the forecasts are based on reasonable assumptions and take into account various real estate market scenarios, they may not always be a reliable indicator of the future performance of the Fund and are therefore not a guaranteed future return.

Why invest in the InveStone fund?

Above-average return on investment shares of up to 10,3% per annum
Invest in properties that have lasting value
You invest alongside the fund’s founders, who put up their own money
After just three years, income from fund shares is exempt from income tax
5% income tax rate for investment funds
Option to withdraw after three years or to transfer shares to another person at any time
Professional asset management
Starting with a CZK 5 million investment, you get the right of first refusal to buy an apartment in the fund’s projects
An investor wishing to enter into the InveStone fund may only do so if they are a qualified investor, as prescribed by Czech law § 296 and § 272 of the ZISIF Act. The requirements to be considered a qualified investor include, inter alia, a minimum deposit of CZK 1,000,000.
Current and forthcoming

Project Portfolio

Arkalycká Residential Building

The Arkalycká multifunctional building will be directly connected to the Háje metro station on Prague’s metro line C. Although it is closely adjacent to existing commercial arcades, it is designed to be architecturally, operationally and structurally independent. Partially-subterranean basement of the garage without perimeter walls forms the base of the building, above which the residential sections “levitate”.

Výhledy Liberec

A new apartment building which will become a central landmark in the urban area of Staré Pavlovice’s in Liberec, and boasts beautiful views of Ještěd peak and its famous tower.

A few words

About Us

InveStone Funds SICAV a.s., a fund for qualified investors, was founded by four long-time business partners and friends: Ondřej Hartl, Martin Kral, Karel Slavíček and Jiří Stopka. In today’s highly volatile market, they share the same vision: to invest in real projects that can be touched. Real estate represents lasting value that is subject to few market fluctuations. This is why they founded InveStone Funds SICAV Inc. – to bring investment opportunities in real estate that offer attractive yields and are not speculative.

Over two decades, all four have successfully invested in a number of real estate projects. As developers, they have designed and built multiple residential properties with their companies. They have gained experience in interior design and retail sales. They have been involved in the development, leasing and management of residential homes and commercial space. Now they want to turn that experience into superior appreciation on the investments you entrust to the fund – up to 60% over five years.

“We are contributing existing projects that are underway, and our own cash, into InveStone, and we are opening up the possibility for you to add your funds to our own. Our founders’ deposits will only ever appreciate in value once the fund has achieved a return of at least 5% per annum – whereas your deposits will appreciate from the very beginning. So come and join us!”– the InveStone founders

Our clients entrust us with
their future

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If you are working on a project that requires financial planning, we can help you manage basic tasks and finish it for you.

Professional accounting services for businesses and individual clients from our experts with 24/7 technical support.

Projects and performance are overseen by

The Fund’s Supervisory Board

Fund co-founder

Ondřej Hartl

Ondřej Hartl has extensive experience in real estate development. In his companies, such as Zender Property, he is involved in the acquisition and management of income-producing residential and commercial properties. At the same time, he is involved in the development of land for residential construction. He is also an active and successful investor in other industries.

Fund co-founder

Martin Král

Originally trained as an actuary and economist, Martin Král has been in the real estate business for nearly two decades. In his companies, he acts as co-investor and developer, responsible for project management, covering architect, designer and general contractor tendering to bank financing, lease management, financial and the coordination of all subcontractors.

Fund co-founder

Karel Slavíček

Karel Slavíček has been involved in real estate market for the last twenty-five years. His domain of expertise is land development and residential construction. His company, EDIFICE Construction and Consulting, specializes in managing real estate projects from the position of an investor.

Fund co-founder

Jiří Stopka

A mechanical engineer by education, most of Jiří Stopka’s career has revolved around thatwhich has always attracted him the most - interior design. Since 1990, he has been the owner of STOPKA, a successful family business that designs complete private interiors of the highest quality all over the world - from Prague, Switzerland, London to the Maldives and the Caribbean.

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15. 6. 2022
"Nový investiční fond InveStone nabízí zhodnocení až 9 % ročně."

Zhodnocení investic i přes rekordní inflaci.

15. 6. 2022
"Nový investiční fond InveStone nabízí zhodnocení až 9 % ročně."

Zhodnocení investic i přes rekordní inflaci.

15. 6. 2022
"Nový investiční fond InveStone nabízí zhodnocení až 9 % ročně."

Zhodnocení investic i přes rekordní inflaci.

15. 6. 2022
"Nový investiční fond InveStone nabízí zhodnocení až 9 % ročně."

Zhodnocení investic i přes rekordní inflaci.

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Qualified Investor Fund with an average appreciation of 10,3% per annum

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